Bunny-Tree Games, LLC was founded by a Chemist from Ohio to spread the love of education and Card Games through a creation of his own, Tempus® Brain Training Playing Cards, available at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BunnyTreeGames

Building the Future from the Past

Playing Cards date as far back as the 9th Century AD from China and remain one of the most widely popular and universally loved products on the planet, even after more than a millennium. Playing cards are the original social media and tie us all together through competition and conversation, but they have played a far more important role in humanity’s development which is often overlooked, under-utilized, and unappreciated.

              Beyond being one of the greatest tools for making friends, playing cards are one of the absolute best tools for teaching and practicing mental arithmetic, memory, logic, reasoning, and critical thinking skills to minds of any age. Finding and analyzing patterns with pen and paper can be a tedious chore we call math; but achieving the same task with cards and friends creates an exciting experience for everyone which we call Tempus®.

              The most valuable skill of all we acquire from card games is that of empathy. The ability to place ourselves in our opponent’s minds is one of utmost importance for success. The usage of empathy to analyze and predict demonstrates a great foundation of understanding, and its absence only demonstrates an ignorance to the passage of time.

            At Bunny-Tree Games, our mission is to make STEAM subjects less intimidating and accessible to everyone. We thank you for helping spread our love of education and card games!